Garage Revolution vs DIY Rustoleum kit 

Below is an example of what one of those DIY kits look like after three short years:

Typically the paint will peel where the car tires are and this is due to the immense pressure from the tires as well as constant abrasion from salt and gravel. The Rustoleum kit is not chemical resistant to salt, unlike our products

1. Preparation. One of the most important steps in having a long-lasting garage floor is preparation. We diamond grind the entire garage floor. This cleans the top surface and etches it in preparation of paint. It also promotes better adhesion since the paint will seep into the pores. One of my favorite tests is to let a drop of water fall onto a floor that has just been grinded. It will seep into the pores of the concrete. On an unprepped floor, the water will just sit there. Chemical etching (like in a Rustoleum kit) will not properly prep the floor and does little more than clean it. In addition to grinding, we also fill and repair cracks.
2. Resistant. A floor by Garage Revolution is chemical and solvent resistant (Rustoleum floors are not). Our coatings are also UV stable and will not yellow.
3. Thickness. Our floors end up being about 20-25 mils thick (a Rustoleum DIY kit will be 3 mills). This is achieved through a primer coat, thick base coat, full flakes, and a polyaspartic clear coat.
4. Top Coat. We use a polyaspartic clear coat as our top coat. It is 4 times harder than epoxy which means it has more abrasion resistance and more tensile strength. A polyaspartic will protect the floor and give it a nice shine. A Rustoleum DIY kit will not provide a top coat and will not have this layer of protection.
5. Flakes. We lay down over 150 lbs of 1/4" flakes in a three car garage. This not only looks good with vibrant colors but it gives it a good texture and provides slip resistance. It also provides a layer of protection. A Rustoleum kit will provide you with a ziplock baggie (5 ounces?) of flakes.
6. Warranty. We offer a 15yr warranty against peeling and delaminating and covers the product and labor (Rustoleum does not).
7. Service. Why spend countless hours painting your garage floor when you can hire Garage Revolution to get it done in one day? Our crew will arrive at 8:00 am and be done by 6:00 pm. You can even drive on it 24 hrs after completion.
8. Beautiful. Our floors look better. See some of the installs we recently did in the Omaha area:


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