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We provide epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic floor coatings that are beautiful, installed fast, and durable. We only use the highest quality materials and we stand behind our product. Give us a call or contact us online to get started.

What We Do

Garage Floor Coatings

Extreme adhesion and durability
First we diamond grind your floor, then apply base coat, apply flakes, and end with a durable polyaspartic clear coat

Concrete Staining

Great for outdoor concrete!
Prepare concrete surface, then apply vibrant semi-transparent stain, and finally seal for UV protection and durability

Cabinets & Organization

Gladiator cabinets dealer
Industry leading cabinets that are rugged enough for your garage and stylish enough for your home

Commercial Applications

durability and strength
We have coatings for a wide range of commercial applications, from restaurants to heavy equipment facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the concrete prepared?

We prep the concrete with a planetary floor grinder, which opens up the pores of the concrete and creates a profile in the concrete, giving that coating more to adhere to.

Why choose Garage Revolution?

Voted Best of Omaha, Garage Revolution has the right flooring system for your application. Coatings are not a “one size fits all”, and certain circumstances require different coating options. We also put our coatings down thick! Sure it costs more, but a thicker coating will last longer

What is the warranty?

We provide a ten year warranty that covers peeling and adhesion issues

What are the benefits of a garage floor coating?

It will protect the concrete, it is easy to clean, and it is beautiful. Extreme adhesion and durability.

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